Monday, 29 October 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I've had a couple of requests from people to ask what products are in my makeup bag. I love love love makeup, so am therefore very happy to share the contents of my makeup bag with you! I tend to keep my makeup pretty natural, and occasionally jazz it up with a slick of red lippy.

1.Primer- I have very red skin on my face, so Benefit Lemon Aid is the perfect solution for banishing my redness. It should be an eyelid primer, but you can also dab it on any red sections on your face (this product is a must-have and lasts aaaaages)
                                              lemon aid

2. Foundation- My skin is very pale once all the redness is gone, so Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation is perfect for my skin. It's a liquid foundation, easy to apply and gives great coverage. I have it in the lightest Ivory shade (Believe in Me)
                                             hello flawless oxygen wow!

3.Blusher- The Models Own blusher in Warm Glow that I use adds a gorgeous, shimmery shine to my face and really compliments my foundation. It's powder texture makes it heavenly to apply and it really does stay on!

4. Eye-shadow- I use a mixture of eye-shadows daily. The one that I use the most (for school, shopping trips etc.) is the Avon 8 in 1 colour palette in neutral. I mix numerous shades together, which produces a gorgeous tanned, shimmery shine to my eyelids.

5. Mascara - Yes, I use 2 mascaras, I know it sounds stupid but the first one (Benefit BadGal Lash) gives my lashes thickness and blackness, whilst the 2nd one (Boot 17 Wild Curls) gives my lashes length and volume. I apply one, let it dry and then apply the other to both top and bottom lashes and voila, I have long, luscious lashes.
                      17 Wild Curls Mascara 9mlBADgal lash mascara                   
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6. Lipbalm/Lipsalve- I couldn't live without my Vaseline or its equivalent. I love love love keep my lips succulent and mositurised, so therefore always have some form of lipbalm on me. One of my particular favorites is the Body Shop £2 lipbalms- cheap, cheerful and craaaazyily nice.
                                                 Click for enlarged view                        

7. (Finaaally) Liptint- I love having the option of adding a splash of colour to my lips from time to time. One of my favorite lip tint/stick thingys is the LUSH It Started With A Kiss lip tint. This tint cost £5.50, and is destined to last for ages! I love the vibrant colour it gives!

What's in your makeup bag?
-Rachel Louise xoxo

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