Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Diverted Post


This post is slightly different to my normal 'beauty-based' posts, but I really couldn't be bothered reviewing another product today (I'm very busy with homework, revision, etc.)

So today I'm gonna talk about love. Yep, Valentine's Day is approaching and I've all set to spend the 14th as a single pringle. Okay, so I'm only young and most of my friends don't have boyfriends, but I've been thinking...  what's the whole point in Valentine's Day? For me, it's waaaaaay to lovey-dovey smoochy-woochy. (Do those words even exist?! Haha!)

The shops started stocking up on romantic stuff as soon as all the Christmas goodies had been snaffled up and wiped off the shelves. That was in January. A month and a few weeks before Lovers Day. Seriously?! Why do you have to make such a big thing about it, huh? It's totally over-rated. I mean, what sort of boyfriend/girlfriend would like to recieve some sort of cheap gift on a day of love? No me, for sure!

Let's just wait and see what tragic events happen this Valentine's Day...

What are your opinions?

-Rachel xoxo

Friday, 13 January 2012


Wowzas! I'm shattered right now! I went back to school on Monday (sadly) and have just finished my first school week of 2012. Oh, how much I miss the holidays. School just completley wears you out and I just have so much to do in the evenings.

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I'm such a naughty girl XD. I might just try and post at weekends- sorry if it is a regular as I'd like!

Anyway, I'm about to start a new post now.... enjoy the future of The Review Spot!!

_Rachel xoxo

Friday, 6 January 2012

Review: Dry Shampoos

This is officially my first 'review' post and I'm so damn excited! Anyway, here we go.... :D

I never use to see what the big fuss was over dry shampoos. I couldn't understand why people couldn't be arsed to go into the shower and wash teir hair instead. But then one of my closest friends reccommened 'Batiste' dry shampoos to me. Out of curiousity- I headed into Boots one sunny afternoon whilst out shopping with my girlfriends to see what all the fuss was about.

Much to my delight- a 50ml bottle of 'Batiste's Blush dry shampoo was only £1. Um, instant bargain was running throughout my head- so I purchase the great deal and headed off home to try it out straight away. But I wasn't satifsied at all. It didn't even look as if it had made any different to my hair. Great, I thought. I've just wasted a bloddy quid on this failure of a product. So, it went straight the the back of my beauty cupboard, destined to stay there forever.

Well, until a few days before Christmas, that is. I'd not set eyes on the shampoo for a good few months, when one day I noticed my hair looked slightly greasy and I didn't feel like going in the shower (as it was mid morning). I remember I'd bought some dry shampoo a while back- so I fished it out and gave it a try again. And, boy was I impressed this time. Obviously the previous time was a mis-hap- and although my dry shampoo didn't give my hair that 'freshly washed' look, it certainly made a big different.

And the funny thing is, now I can't stop using it! Spray spray spray! I've used it so much; that it's run out. So, this w/e, I'm going to have to venture out of the house I've not left for a good few days to buy another bottle: so now for the review!...

Name: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo
Price: £1.52 for 50ml (£1 in special offers)
Avaiable: Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Wilkinsons etc.
Comments: This shampoo is easy to use, and although the effect is not life-changing, it will save me on a few bad hair day. the product smells very nice and is in pretty packaging which makes it appealing.
Rating: 7/10

-Rachel xo

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beauty Shop of the Month

I love a good bargain. I also love top quality, gorgeously smelling products. Wherther I'm in search of a relaxing bath bomb or an all new body tint- Lush is the very first place I'll head to. I think that I've started to develop an unhealthy addiction to Lush, as their products are to die for! Whenever I step into a Lush shop, I don't know what comes over me, but I feel as if I need to buy the whole store.

I think that I'm right in saying that I share my passion with many other girls and possibly guys from across the UK. Every shopping trip, it's the first store I enter, every birthday, their products are top of my list and every week I induldge in Lush's products. Cheap and easily satifiying, Lush is a shop a person will love forever. I've yet to expand my radar on products from Lush. Before, I've mainl stuck to bath bombs and bath bars- but in the future I'm looking to venture out into shower gels, shower jellies and body tints/creams.

I have a few favorite products that are always on my Lush shopping list. (Mainly bath bombs- I'm a sucker for them!)
1.Space GirlMy all time favorite product at the moment is SPACE GIRL. A purple planet shaped bomb, it creamy texture filled with plum glitter holds all the ingredients for a perfect bath. Simple yet elegant, this bath bomb will lighten up your day. Best used with boling hot bath water and a glass of champpers.

Think Pink2. THINK PINK always helps me enjoy my baths to the max. Cute and girly, this bath bomb totally reflects my personality. It smells divine and has a wonderful silky texture and adds a great colour to the bath! Best used with a fairly hot bath and some great smelling body scrub.

Rose Queen3. For a great smelling bath and a luxury feel to the water, I always choose ROSE QUEEN. It totally suits an elegant woman and is the perfect way to get ready for an evening out. Let yourself be soaked up by its comforting feel and wonderful texture. Definatley a bath bomb for those cold winter nights!

ALL PICTURES ARE CREDIT TO http://www.lush.co.uk/.

-Rachel xo

Celebrity Perfumes:What's The Big Deal?

Every girl loves a bit of the odd perfume now and again. But it can be very hard to find one that you love to the max. I've had that problem many a times- but now I think I've found 'the one'. No, I don't mean I've found the man of my dreams (although I secretly hope I had!), but I've found a perfume to die for! And it's name... well, that's the problem. I don't really want to go round telling everybody that my favorite perfume is by JUSTIN BIEBER (and of all people!)

I still don't see the point of a music star, actress or model creating their own perfume for their fans and followers. I mean, seriously, what's the big fuss?! They're not from household names such as Chanel or DKNY who know the ingredients to make a good perfume- but are simply doing it for the money. That's the infurating thing. The money. Haven't the got enough already without stipping us of every last penny so we can smell like them?

Now there are just too many celebrity perfumes to choose from. If it's not a wierd named one by Katy Perry it's one by why-is-she-actually-famous Kim Kardashian. I wish they would just stop creating these gimicy things. Is t-shirts, posters, mugs etc. not enough for them? I can see why people buy them- as they love the creator and idolise them- but celebrity perfumes are just not for me, sadly. I'm much more of a Chanel no.6 girl.

-Rachel xo

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brand of the Month: Soap and Glory

Around this time of year, we often neglect ourselves of luxurious beauty treatments and scoff food insead. The Christmas season is the worst, in my opinion, as we completley let go of our firm beauty beliefs and replace them with a box of chocolates and a soppy movie. Nevertheless, now a new year has dawned on us, it is about time we leave those foolish ways behind and opt for a trustworthy brand to help us wash away our end-of-Christmas blues.

I find that the best brand for this is Soap and Glory. Their luxurious, top-quality products are key to helping us get back into our favorite beauty regimes. Renowned for their amazing products, Soap and Glory is avaliable on the high street at the leading retailer store, Boots. Never one to dissappoint, Soap and Glory has a vast collection of awesome pampering materials you'll easily fall in love with!

Originally set up to sell bath and shower products, they have now expanded their radar and have branched into the make-up world. Now, this amazing company sells bath and body products, scents, skincare products and cosmetics. Wherther it's their award-winning, luxury Hand Food or the silky smooth Clean on Me shower gel, there is something for everybody.

Soap and Glory is definatley going to be my Brand of the Month- I hope it can be yours too! With their products cheap and afforable, you'll be able to keep to your weekly shopping budget with a few of these lovely products. I reccommend the Hand Food- as it smells absolutley divine!

-Rachel xo

Just Finding My Feet!

I've tried to start so many successful independant blog and each and every time I've failed. But this time I'm gonna try and succeed. So, here's to the future of THE REVIEW SPOT!

-Rachel xo