Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Diverted Post


This post is slightly different to my normal 'beauty-based' posts, but I really couldn't be bothered reviewing another product today (I'm very busy with homework, revision, etc.)

So today I'm gonna talk about love. Yep, Valentine's Day is approaching and I've all set to spend the 14th as a single pringle. Okay, so I'm only young and most of my friends don't have boyfriends, but I've been thinking...  what's the whole point in Valentine's Day? For me, it's waaaaaay to lovey-dovey smoochy-woochy. (Do those words even exist?! Haha!)

The shops started stocking up on romantic stuff as soon as all the Christmas goodies had been snaffled up and wiped off the shelves. That was in January. A month and a few weeks before Lovers Day. Seriously?! Why do you have to make such a big thing about it, huh? It's totally over-rated. I mean, what sort of boyfriend/girlfriend would like to recieve some sort of cheap gift on a day of love? No me, for sure!

Let's just wait and see what tragic events happen this Valentine's Day...

What are your opinions?

-Rachel xoxo

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