Monday, 29 October 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag?

I've had a couple of requests from people to ask what products are in my makeup bag. I love love love makeup, so am therefore very happy to share the contents of my makeup bag with you! I tend to keep my makeup pretty natural, and occasionally jazz it up with a slick of red lippy.

1.Primer- I have very red skin on my face, so Benefit Lemon Aid is the perfect solution for banishing my redness. It should be an eyelid primer, but you can also dab it on any red sections on your face (this product is a must-have and lasts aaaaages)
                                              lemon aid

2. Foundation- My skin is very pale once all the redness is gone, so Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation is perfect for my skin. It's a liquid foundation, easy to apply and gives great coverage. I have it in the lightest Ivory shade (Believe in Me)
                                             hello flawless oxygen wow!

3.Blusher- The Models Own blusher in Warm Glow that I use adds a gorgeous, shimmery shine to my face and really compliments my foundation. It's powder texture makes it heavenly to apply and it really does stay on!

4. Eye-shadow- I use a mixture of eye-shadows daily. The one that I use the most (for school, shopping trips etc.) is the Avon 8 in 1 colour palette in neutral. I mix numerous shades together, which produces a gorgeous tanned, shimmery shine to my eyelids.

5. Mascara - Yes, I use 2 mascaras, I know it sounds stupid but the first one (Benefit BadGal Lash) gives my lashes thickness and blackness, whilst the 2nd one (Boot 17 Wild Curls) gives my lashes length and volume. I apply one, let it dry and then apply the other to both top and bottom lashes and voila, I have long, luscious lashes.
                      17 Wild Curls Mascara 9mlBADgal lash mascara                   
Credits: and 

6. Lipbalm/Lipsalve- I couldn't live without my Vaseline or its equivalent. I love love love keep my lips succulent and mositurised, so therefore always have some form of lipbalm on me. One of my particular favorites is the Body Shop £2 lipbalms- cheap, cheerful and craaaazyily nice.
                                                 Click for enlarged view                        

7. (Finaaally) Liptint- I love having the option of adding a splash of colour to my lips from time to time. One of my favorite lip tint/stick thingys is the LUSH It Started With A Kiss lip tint. This tint cost £5.50, and is destined to last for ages! I love the vibrant colour it gives!

What's in your makeup bag?
-Rachel Louise xoxo

Trend: STUDS

Studded clothes, accessories and shoes. Possibly my favorite trend of A/W '12. This diverse, unique trend has become an overnight style sensation- nobody can get enough of studding! I love this trend, I have already purchased a studded bag and am intending to progress into studded clothing very soon.

What better way to show you how the high street does studding than by compiling a post featuring numerous high street shops and their top studded item? On with the show....

Wow, Topshop is amazing at giving us millions of studded items to feast out eyes on. These items may be pricey, but they will last for ages! The thing I love about Topshop's studded collection is that they've added studs onto basic items of clothing, think winter cardigans, jumpers and shoes.
Knitted Stud Rib CardiganKnitted Stud Sheer Jumper
 Petite Studded Biker JacketVECTRA5 Gold Studded Slippers
All pictures credit to:

RI's collection of studded clothes are insanely beautiful. I love their take on this trend, they make their own stamp on this popular trend. From flat studs to spikey-and-dangerous studs, they have everything studded, from cowboy boots to belts.
Cream stud buckle boots Light pink beltDark grey stud sweat top
All pictures credit to:
The thing that is so amazing about New Look as a whole is that their cheap, stylish clothes display flare and originality, whilst still sticking to the trends. Their studs collection is by far one of their best, I especially like the fact that they mix trends together eg. a studded peplum top.
Burgundy (Red) Diffuse Red Studded Peplum Top | 268770467 | New LookPink (Pink) Pale Pink Studded Boot Wedges | 259335270 | New LookKhaki (Green) Diffuse Khaki Stud Shoulder Camouflage Jacket | 268766534 | New LookBlack (Black) Tokyo Doll Black Stud Chain Bralet | 258684501 | New Look
All pictures credit to:

Miss Selfridge win the prize for the most glam high street brand. I love their bodycon dresses, gorgeous heels and fab accessories- but in particular, I love their stud collection. They've totally understood the trend and present an astoundingly beautiful collection.
Grey High Waist Studded ShortWhite Stud ShirtPetites Studded Maxi DressMirror Stud Clutch
All pictures credit to:

Every since the new Republic store opened near where I live, I've been addicted with all of their products. I love the fact that different brands are all spun into one shop and all have different takes on the stud trend. I especially like MISO and Glamorous. 
Glamorous Tie Dye Studded HotpantsBlink Studded Ankle BootsCrafted Studded BlazerCrafted Stud Waist Skinny Jeans
All pictures credit to:

So what do you think of the STUD trend? Like it? Loathe it? Let me know...
-Rachel Louise xoxo

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Checked Shirts

Ahola! I am now officially on half-term, yay! I can't wait for my week packed full of shopping, sleepovers, blogging and unfortunately, some work. Yesterday, our school had a training day, so I quickly arranged a shopping trip with some of my closest friends for a bit of lunch and browse (complete with Starbucks, obviously).

Our main focus was to buy items for our Children In Need outfits (we are going to come as builders!) I always jump at any opportunity to support charities and Children In Need is the perfect way to raise money for those less fortunate and also have loads of fun.

I successfully returned home after an eventful bus journey from town (I forgot to get off the bus..) with a Primark checked shirt in my hands. This shirt is absolutely gorgeous and I can easily see myself wearing it after Children In Need- plus, it was a absolute bargain at £9. Its pres turd buttons make it easy to wear buttoned up or loose with a shirt underneath.

Don't call me vain ;)

-Rachel Louise x

Sunday, 21 October 2012

My New Bag


So today I went out on a trek with my Dad to Matalan to buy some shoes and successful came back with a new bag and no shoes. Anyway, the bag cost £12 and is studded, which it totally on trend. Now, enough of the blab and on with the pictures...
Hanging on my door :P
The simple design is made edgy with some on-trend studs.

A close up. The studs are on each side of the bag, cayoote

Love this bag so much!

Rachel Louise xxxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Scouting For Girls

Woah, hasn't the past week gone super quick? I still easily remember waking up on Monday thinking 'eurghhh another week of school', but honestly, it seems to have flown by. Although despite that, I seem to haven't had a spare moment to do any blogging, or in fact, anything internet related (which is VERY unusual!)

Scouting For Girls played at the Big Gig 2012 last week, and it's safe to say that since then, I have totally fallen in love with their music again. You can undoubtedly tell how passionate they are about music, one of the many factors that makes their music so irresistible to listen to.

This 3-piece-band have had numerous number 1 hits, which explains why they have so many dedicated fans. I have to admit, I have ALWAYS loved Scouting For Girls, but I have recently re-classified my love. I've had their top 5 songs on repeat on my Spotify account, and my current favorite is Summertime In The City. The beautiful lyrics combined with amaazing chords and vocals make this song extra special.

Summertime In The City video

Heartbeat Video

This Ain't A Love Song video

She's So Lovely video

Monday, 8 October 2012

Big Gig 2012

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being one of 13,000 Guides at the Big Gig in Sheffield. It was amazing to go to the evening performance which features JLS, Cover Drive, Little Mix, Scouting for Girls, Lawson, Amelia Lily, Conor Maynard and Lovable Rouges to name a few.

The atmosphere was amazing and it was wonderful to be part of the fabulous occasion. As per, I managed to take numerous pictures and videos of the gig which I'm going to share now:

My outfit for the gig, complete with a big woolly jumper for the journey there and back. I teamed pale blue denim leggings from Topshop with a really old palm tree top from H&M and eventually let my hair down.
Being my vain self, I managed to take a picture, Instagram it and tweet it all before I left my house. Obviously, I make of the most of the WiFi before it's gone!

Luvin lyf sat on Row P at the Big Gig. We had a great view and had a fab fab fab time! Enjoyed the company of my two mates Becky and Hannah and the pleasure of my darling mother singing the wrong words to JLS songs.

Although I'd love to show you all my videos, they feature lots of my hideous singing, so therefore I'm going to give that a miss! Overall, we had the best time ever (even if I became deaf when I got out!)

Louise xoxo