Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Makeup!

Hey :-)

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friends and before, quickly popped into Superdrug to look at a MUA eyeshadow palette I had seen online. I found the palette and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was 3 for 2 over all cosmetics. I didn't have loads of extra money with me, so bought a NYC lipstick and a MUA bronzer. 

Yep, I'm not really the sort of girl to get cheap, shitty makeup but I can't find another palette on the market with the same shades as the MUA one (and I just bought the other stuff for the sake of it!)

So, here are my reviews on the 3 products:

MUA 12 shade eyeshadow palette in 'Starry Night', £4.
Click HERE to find the product on the Superdrug website!

Wow, this palette is fab! The name 'Starry Eyes' perfectly fits the shades. The purples, silvers, blues and pinks look amazing on eyelids. I like to mix a couple of shades together to creates the ultimate look. You can also use the black as a glitter eyeliner sort of thing if you've run out!

The down side: The shit brush. It's really hard to pack the colour on and isn't very good to apply onto the lid with. I much prefer the Superdrug Blending Brush to apply the shadows with.

These are swatches for the first line of shadows. I'm sorry they are very hard to see!

Swatches from the second row of eyeshadow- I think I prefer this row!

MUA bronzer in shade 1, £1.
Click HERE to find it on Superdrug.

I've never bought a bronzer before so I suppose I don't really know what's good and what's not. This is the lightest shade which is still quite dark and I haven't quite got the hang of how to use it yet! If you've got some good bronzer applying techniques- please let me know! Nevertheless, it is great value!

NYC lipstick in 435 'Tender Blush', £1.49
Click HERE to find the product online- it looks nothing like this in reality!

I think this shade is gorgeous, it gives a lovely, nude lip- but you can still tell you've got something on! It is nice and cheap and purse friendly...bonus!

And here is one of the worst swatches ever! Apologies!

You can't see that well but this is me with my new products on!

-rachel louise x

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