Thursday, 22 November 2012

What is there to say about BLOGGING? (My blogging journey!)

Aah, blogging. What can I say?

I've started blogging on and off from around the age of 11. I used to have a blog called Rachel's Shopping Journal which I used to love blogging for, but then I got bored. Waaay before that, I had a fashion blog that I can't even remember the name of. That was my first ever blog and was amazed at what you could do on blogger!

I then went through my Stardoll obsession phase at around 11/12. I'd never really properly had a Stardoll account and when I created 'rachellouiseeee', I became engrossed in all of the hype of it and subsequently, ended up spending LOTS of money on that site (which I hindsight  was an incredibly stupid idea!) I blogged for the famous Stardoll blog 'Inbetween Stardoll' where I blogged about new updates, and went on to write general shit!

After I grew out of that phase, Rachel's Shopping Journal was born. This new blog had a much more mature air to it, I was beginning to develop a love for fashion and knew the direction I wanted my blog to head. However, due to the demand of school and then fact I didn't have a laptop, I sadly had hardly any time to post. Although I loved that blog, I knew deep down it was never going to last.

I don't even know when I started Glitz, Glamour and Games. The name is the exact same as my Tumblr name and I thought it added a sophisticated, stylish air to the blog. Since this blog has been created, it has been through many 'makeovers' and there probably will be many more. I like to develop my blog regularly and make it the best I can be!

I've been pretty rubbish at doing clothes posts recently, but hopefully one will be coming up at the weekend! Because I'm back at school, I saving my money instead of spending right now and saving up for CHRISTMAS presents etc.

So, that about sums up my blogging career. I hope that it won't be the end and I can continue to blog in the future! I'm sorry if this post is a bit boring, but I have a 3-day weekend coming up so some fab posts are to follow :-)

-rachel louise

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How do u make blogs !?