Friday, 16 November 2012

Children In Need

Today is Children In Need day. I'm sure you've probably done something special in order to raise money for this fabulous charity today, and if you haven't, it would be wonderful to donate!

My school did a fancy dress day and put on our own version of the hit ITV1 show: TAKE ME OUT. I came dressed as a builder (minus the builder's bum ;)) I would post a picture but my iPod won't connect to my laptop :(

Take Me Out at my school was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen, and really got me in the spirit for Children In Need. I would recommend your school/workplace doing something similar to it in the future!

As I write this post, I am watching Anne Widdecombe make a fool out of herself on the SCD special after viewing a better-than-average One Direction performance of 'Live While We're Young'. And phowar, they looked good!

Nevertheless, we can't deny the fact that all of this is all in aid of one fantastic cause. Children In Need aims to drastically improve the lives of deprived children throughout the Untied Kingdom. Every penny donated will go toward improving the lives of children who really need help.

Visit: or call: 03457 33 22 33

Thank you :-))

-Rachel Louise xo

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