Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Shop of the Month: Topshop

*When I posted the 'Shop of the Month' for the first time in early February, I was hoping it would become a monthly thing. But as time rushed by in March, I didn't have the time to post about my favorite shop. So, I thought I'd re-start the trend, even if it isn't monthly.

Topshop is by far my favorite shop.There's no question about it.It offers so many beautiful items and whenever I step into one of their shops, my heart flutters inside and I want to buy everything they have on sale. The town I live in only just got a Topshop in the last year and I can't imagine how I lived without it.

Here, I made a little collage using Picnik of some of my favorite Topshop items. All credit goes to TOPSHOP.COM for the images. The thing that I love about Topshop is that there is such a wide range of items and products- covering a range of the latest trends. Whether your after a girl dress like the one in the picture or a rockish vest, Topshop will have it. They don't design for a certain 'type' of fashion style- it is very open and has a range of trends. 

I can't stop saying about how much I love Topshop but there is one thing that lets it down- its prices! As a teenage girl, I don't really have the money to spend £30 on a top. However, many of my Topshop purchases come from the bank of Mum so everything is good!

What are your favorite shops?

-Rachel Louise xoxo

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Barry M Nail Paint

As you know, every girl loves to have perfectly manicured, un-chipped, painted finger nails. There are millions of nail polishes and paints on the market- from the cheap £1 Primark ones to the £30 Chanel ones. Depending on how much your willing to spend on a bottle, there is definatley a nail polish out there for you. In a wide variety of shades, thicknesses and effects; nail paints are a girls' must have.
                                credit: rockthisstyle.com
After years (and I mean, years) of trying and testing more than 100 nail polishes, I've found a brand that I love. And when I say love, I mean love- I want all of them!! Depending on what country you live in, you may or may not have heard of this brand. Wherever you live, Barry M(<--click to visit) is a brand you have to check out! They offer a vast range of makeup products, from their multiple award winning nail paints to blushers and lip paints. Whatever you want, they'll most likely have it! Their products are inexpensive and of a high quality- why pay the designer price if you can get the same quality cheaper?!

Anyway, today's post is about Barry M's nail paints. Thick, glossy and colours that cover the whole spectrum, these bottles are filled with quick-drying, long-lasting, top quality polish.

 Here is my ever-growing collection of Barry M paints. It doesn't seem a lot but each bottle will paint  lots of nails! The GOLD paint is extra special- this is an Instant Effects Crackle Nail Polish. You apply it as normal- ontop of an existing colours eg. pink, black or red. The nail paint will crackle and form beautiful effects. All the other nail polish are regular polishes- however Barry M does offer other special bottles, such as the 'Mock Croc' paint and glittery nail polish bottles.
So that's my collection of nail paints. They are my beauty must have and essential items for a girl's makeup bag. But what's yours?! What products that you own do you consider to be a must have? Let me know!

-Rachel Louise xoxo