Thursday, 26 July 2012

Benefit Cosmetics

I'm not usually one for buy expensive makeup, because as a teenage girl, I really don't have the money to go and splash out on a Chanel lipstick. However, I must admit that I have a guilty pleasure for worldwide cosmetic brand, Benefit. Their luxury, top quality products attract all sorts of woman at all different ages.

Holding counters on the majority of large Boots stores as well as having some boutiques of their own, Benefit  cosmetics is  a brand you need to get your hands on! If you don't have a Boots or Benefit boutique near where you live, you can always check out their WEBSITE. Here are my top 3 Benefit products:

3) LEMON AID, £16.50 (picture credit to
This colour correcting eyelid primer really does brighten up your eyes, by minimizing dark circles and makes you look more awake. The great thing is you don't just have to use it on your eyes, I find that it's great to reduce the amount of redness on my cheeks and t-zone, meaning applying foundation is much easier.

2) HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW! FOUNDATION, £24.50 (picture credit to
This fabulous, light weight foundation is the best I've ever had. It comes in 9 different shades to suit all skin tones, I purchased it in the shade IVORY. It is the best foundation ever, in my opinion, and looks great over the Lemon Aid product- they're a match made in heaven. It's not a cheap product, but this liquid will last you a good while. I recommend you try it!

BADgal lash mascara
1)BADgal LASH MASCARA, £16.50 (picture credit to ) 
Wow, this product is amazing. It will easily give you sexy, thick, long, luscious lashes. It's not cheap, but it's really worth splurging out on this fab product. For best results, coat both sides of the lashes with the glossy substance to get amazing results. MUST HAVE!

-Rachel xoxo

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