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I've been reading a few blogs this evening and one of my friends called Helena from Toothpaste Kisses did a post on perfection.I thought this was a really interesting topic and I thought I'd delve deeper.

Is there such thing as perfect? Can one single human being contain all the attributes to be a 'perfect' person? Yet that then raised the question of what makes a person perfect. Is it their looks; being a size 0 or having beautifully shaped eyebrows? Or is the word 'perfection' directed at what lie on the inside- is perfection a judgement on your personality, beliefs and morals? Ultimately, it is in the eye of the beholder.
Obviously these girls are: skinny, big boobed, leggy and big butted right? (This shouldn't be the way it is!)

Yet in the current world, we are constantly swarmed with images of supposedly 'perfect' celebrities. The likes of those so skinny they look like they may be about to snap. Does society just want us to aspire to be a pile of bones, suffering from being too thin? Why is it considered bad to be overweight? Excluding all of the obvious health problems, why is it considered better to be overly thin that overly big?
                                                     beautiful pain | via Tumblr
Does this really look like perfection?

The scornful looks given when you revel your weight around so called friends when it is perhaps slightly more that the average girl. Now I know I'm not the thinnest person on the planet, but I wouldn't consider my self overweight. In fact, I'm not overweight- I have a healthy BMI, which is probably better than all of those skinny girls. I hate the ingrained opinion that a skinny girl is the definition of perfect.
Should society really promote images like this?

But in fact, skinny girls don't guarantee perfection. Perfection is a descriptive term for 'completeness'. Personally, I don't put weight in the checklist to perfection. Things such as being friendly, open-minded, approachable and possibly intelligence in that checklist. Big or small, I don't believe that contributes to how 'perfect' you are. 
Images like this deeply upset me.

That's why I am frustrated with society. They force-feed us with so-called images of perfection. They give us a distorted view which leads us to aspire to things that are physically not possible. I recently saw one of my favorite YouTube blogger Tanya Burr (if you haven't discovered her yet, search her NOW!) post a picture of her legs whilst on holiday in Greece. She was met with comments about how she needed to "tone up and shave her thighs". This is how distorted society has got. So now its unacceptable to have a bit of flab on your thighs or not to shave your thighs? I mean, come on. It's pathetic. Tanya has a gorgeous figure, much more flattering that anorexic models.
Tanya Burr is hardly 'obese' is she? 

Society has disgusted me. I would love to promote the fact that you don't have to be skinny to be perfect. Girls need to stop believing that until they reach a size 0, they are not worthy for society. When in fact, you are worth it. It's personality that makes a person, not what they look like. Fact. All I'm trying to do is turn on the light switch so society can see the end of the tunnel. This tunnel contains self-confidence, self-belief and appreciation for what you have got, and not what you want to have.
This perfectly sums up what society is like today.

*All pictures credit to www.weheartit,com

-Rachel Louise xo

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