Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer 2k12

There has  been a lack of posting on my blog in the last few weeks. With school ending, test week and the start of summer all happening in a short space of time, it's safe to say I've been a very busy girl! Now that I'm on my summer holidays, I hope I will be able to do lots of posting!

I've taken lots of pictures over the first few weeks of summer, so here is my weeks of summer in photos:

 Left: Trying out my new top with red lipstick on. Soon to become my Facebook profile picture.

Right: Going crazy with the camera whilst trying on my new top. Yes, I know I look stupid.

Left: Guide End of Term Leaving Party for me and my close friends- so emotional. Wearing the cutest dress Primark has ever produced.

Right: Deciding what to wear to the Yorkshire Show (which was cancelled in the end) Playsuit from Henry Holland.

 Left: What I wore on the last day of school for a meal out with my best friends. Cutest top EVER!

Right: Nails that I did on Friday night. My besties and I all did each others nails. #cute

  Left: A picture that my friend Lizzie took of me whilst we were getting ready at my house on Friday night before Wagamama's. Yep, I know I look silly cos I'm blinking but it was a fab night!

Right: A picture that my best friend Eunice took of my on the steps in Wagamama's restaurant. They do the nicest food ever!
 Left: My new maxi skirt, which I am in LOVE with. A tenner from Primark, how can you go wrong?! Can't wait to wear this on my summer holiday!

Right: Cute day trip with the family to Scarborough at the weekend. It was so windy at country park in Filey! Fab day though!

 Left: Took this picture right at the start of summer- my new top from H&M. I've barley taken this thing off, I totally love it!

Right: Picture taken today. My nails! Lilac Barry M polish with OPIA glittery top coat. Lush!

-Rachel xoxo

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