Saturday, 27 October 2012

Checked Shirts

Ahola! I am now officially on half-term, yay! I can't wait for my week packed full of shopping, sleepovers, blogging and unfortunately, some work. Yesterday, our school had a training day, so I quickly arranged a shopping trip with some of my closest friends for a bit of lunch and browse (complete with Starbucks, obviously).

Our main focus was to buy items for our Children In Need outfits (we are going to come as builders!) I always jump at any opportunity to support charities and Children In Need is the perfect way to raise money for those less fortunate and also have loads of fun.

I successfully returned home after an eventful bus journey from town (I forgot to get off the bus..) with a Primark checked shirt in my hands. This shirt is absolutely gorgeous and I can easily see myself wearing it after Children In Need- plus, it was a absolute bargain at £9. Its pres turd buttons make it easy to wear buttoned up or loose with a shirt underneath.

Don't call me vain ;)

-Rachel Louise x

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