Monday, 8 October 2012

Big Gig 2012

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being one of 13,000 Guides at the Big Gig in Sheffield. It was amazing to go to the evening performance which features JLS, Cover Drive, Little Mix, Scouting for Girls, Lawson, Amelia Lily, Conor Maynard and Lovable Rouges to name a few.

The atmosphere was amazing and it was wonderful to be part of the fabulous occasion. As per, I managed to take numerous pictures and videos of the gig which I'm going to share now:

My outfit for the gig, complete with a big woolly jumper for the journey there and back. I teamed pale blue denim leggings from Topshop with a really old palm tree top from H&M and eventually let my hair down.
Being my vain self, I managed to take a picture, Instagram it and tweet it all before I left my house. Obviously, I make of the most of the WiFi before it's gone!

Luvin lyf sat on Row P at the Big Gig. We had a great view and had a fab fab fab time! Enjoyed the company of my two mates Becky and Hannah and the pleasure of my darling mother singing the wrong words to JLS songs.

Although I'd love to show you all my videos, they feature lots of my hideous singing, so therefore I'm going to give that a miss! Overall, we had the best time ever (even if I became deaf when I got out!)

Louise xoxo

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