Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beauty Shop of the Month

I love a good bargain. I also love top quality, gorgeously smelling products. Wherther I'm in search of a relaxing bath bomb or an all new body tint- Lush is the very first place I'll head to. I think that I've started to develop an unhealthy addiction to Lush, as their products are to die for! Whenever I step into a Lush shop, I don't know what comes over me, but I feel as if I need to buy the whole store.

I think that I'm right in saying that I share my passion with many other girls and possibly guys from across the UK. Every shopping trip, it's the first store I enter, every birthday, their products are top of my list and every week I induldge in Lush's products. Cheap and easily satifiying, Lush is a shop a person will love forever. I've yet to expand my radar on products from Lush. Before, I've mainl stuck to bath bombs and bath bars- but in the future I'm looking to venture out into shower gels, shower jellies and body tints/creams.

I have a few favorite products that are always on my Lush shopping list. (Mainly bath bombs- I'm a sucker for them!)
1.Space GirlMy all time favorite product at the moment is SPACE GIRL. A purple planet shaped bomb, it creamy texture filled with plum glitter holds all the ingredients for a perfect bath. Simple yet elegant, this bath bomb will lighten up your day. Best used with boling hot bath water and a glass of champpers.

Think Pink2. THINK PINK always helps me enjoy my baths to the max. Cute and girly, this bath bomb totally reflects my personality. It smells divine and has a wonderful silky texture and adds a great colour to the bath! Best used with a fairly hot bath and some great smelling body scrub.

Rose Queen3. For a great smelling bath and a luxury feel to the water, I always choose ROSE QUEEN. It totally suits an elegant woman and is the perfect way to get ready for an evening out. Let yourself be soaked up by its comforting feel and wonderful texture. Definatley a bath bomb for those cold winter nights!


-Rachel xo

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