Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Brand of the Month: Soap and Glory

Around this time of year, we often neglect ourselves of luxurious beauty treatments and scoff food insead. The Christmas season is the worst, in my opinion, as we completley let go of our firm beauty beliefs and replace them with a box of chocolates and a soppy movie. Nevertheless, now a new year has dawned on us, it is about time we leave those foolish ways behind and opt for a trustworthy brand to help us wash away our end-of-Christmas blues.

I find that the best brand for this is Soap and Glory. Their luxurious, top-quality products are key to helping us get back into our favorite beauty regimes. Renowned for their amazing products, Soap and Glory is avaliable on the high street at the leading retailer store, Boots. Never one to dissappoint, Soap and Glory has a vast collection of awesome pampering materials you'll easily fall in love with!

Originally set up to sell bath and shower products, they have now expanded their radar and have branched into the make-up world. Now, this amazing company sells bath and body products, scents, skincare products and cosmetics. Wherther it's their award-winning, luxury Hand Food or the silky smooth Clean on Me shower gel, there is something for everybody.

Soap and Glory is definatley going to be my Brand of the Month- I hope it can be yours too! With their products cheap and afforable, you'll be able to keep to your weekly shopping budget with a few of these lovely products. I reccommend the Hand Food- as it smells absolutley divine!

-Rachel xo

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