Thursday, 4 April 2013

Barry M Nail Paint Collection

Blogathon- Day 4 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

Barry M is by far my favorite brand of nail polish; I'm not a big fan of the rest of their makeup, but their nail polishes are fantastic! I thought I'd share my collection with you today!

I store all of my 15 nail polishes in this gorgeous Ted Baker box, which was originally used to store a miniature Ted Baker body set I got for Christmas 2 years ago. The nail paints fit nicely in this box and it is very easy to open and store.

From left to right:
1. 54 "Clear"- This is a top coat, base coat and nail hardener all in one. It is really good at adding shine to my nails.
2. 47 "Black"- This is a staple colour and looks great on toe nails, I try to veer away from fingers as it has a tenancy to stain and linger.
3. 292 "Navy"-This colour looks really nice in Autumn/Winter.
4. 324 "Silvery Lilac- This is one of my favorite colours as it has a shimmery undertone.
5. 317 "Blue Moon"- This is lovely for summer but needs several coats for defined colour.
6. 273 "Raspberry"- My all time favorite nail polish. Wow, you need to try this yourself.
7. 303 "Bright Purple"- This was my first ever Barry M polish so hold a special place in my heart!
8. 308 "Berry Ice Cream"- This is part of the ice cream pastel collection and I love having this on my nails in summer!
9. 272 "Shocking Pink"- This colour is really vibrant and great for making a statement.
10. 279 "Bright Pink"- This colour is softer than the previous and looks beautiful in spring.
11.  337 "Pink Silver Glitter"- I love this colour but it is a nightmare to get off!!
12. Gelly Nail Paint 10 "Lychee"- My latest nail polish is part of the high shine gelly range and this is amazing!
13. 307 "Lemon Ice Cream"- I've actually never tried this colour and am looking forward to trying it out this summer!
14. 321 "Nail Effects in Gold"- This crackle top coat is fab once on, but is very thick and gloopy.
15. 244 "Hologram"- This polish is fab over another one but tricky to apply!

Barry M is mainly stocked in Boots and Superdrug but you can find it online too!

See you tomorrow for another blogathon post!

Rachel x

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