Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Room Decorations

Blogathon: Day 2 (Blogging every day of the Easter holidays)

I moved house about 3 years ago (honestly can't believe how quickly time flies) and I got a new room. Being in Year 8, I felt incredibly sophisticated buying lots of gorgeous things to put in my room, I made sure I chose things that I truly lovely and knew would last. Baring all of the basics, this post features little things I have on my walls that are what define 'homely'.

This wall canvas was the perfect Christmas present from my younger brother. This beautiful things brightens and fills an empty wall, making my room feel young and exciting.

This is honestly one of the favorite parts of my room. Tucked in a little corner by my window, I have a set of 5 pot love-hearts on my wall. My collection quickly grew from one I received a couple of years ago and now I view my collection complete at 5. I think things like this really add to a room and make it look extra cute.

I have a slightly bigger version of the love-hearts on my strip of wall that connects the original room to the extended part. Items like this are perfect to fill up empty spaces and the detailing on these hearts are amazing. I bought this on holiday a couple of years ago.

Situated about my bed is 3 canvas floral pictures from Next, they were one of the first things that I bought to go in my new room and I absolutely love them! Personally, I think they make my room look really sophisticated and reflect my love for everything floral.

This dragonfly wind-chime may have been made for the garden, but I think it makes a really nice room decoration. I've had this for ages and had it hanging from the ceiling in my old house, but I decided it would look better on the wall in my new room.

I bought this gorgeous jewellery holder in York last year and it is the best way to store all my long necklaces. It doesn't look messy on the wall, but in fact looks stylish and cute- what I designed my room to be like. It has several hooks that caters for many necklaces.

These are just some of the things that are in my room that I absolutely adore! See you tomorrow for another blogathon post!

Rachel xo

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