Friday, 18 May 2012

Fragrance Love: Ted Baker

Hello my dolls!

As the end of the school week draws to a close, I've exchanged Geography revision for blog writing. I feel as if this blog need lots of love and care as it's been neglected lately, and I don't like that fact. But I just have literally no time at the moment!
I've always been a fan of Ted Baker and his cheapish beauty range sold at Boots. Recently Ted (Calling him by just his first name suggest I know him, but I really don't!) release 2 more ranges onto his already blossoming collection, 'Butterfly Wings' and 'Origami'. Truthfully, I'm not that keen on the Origami range because it's not really my style but I'm totally in LOVE with Butterfly Wings! One of my fabulous friends bought me a box set of Ted Baker with this fragrance for Christmas and it was divine! Make sure you snatch up your bottle of this body spray before it all wipes off the shelves!

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