Monday, 7 May 2012

Fashpiration (Yes, I made up this word)

Firstly, before I start my 'fashpiration' post, I'd just like to say that despite how much I wanna post on this blog, I never seem to have time *bbm sad face*.  I'll try to post when I can!

How would you describe your fashion style? Would you class yourself as a girly-dresser or a rock chick? Do you prefer boho to sport luxe? Do you feel more comfortable in floaty florals compared to tight-fitting bodycons? Whatever your style, everybody gets their inspiration from somewhere. Be that fashion magazines, online fashion blogs, people on the street, shop websites or from your best mates, everyone has that one place/person that they always turn to to discover the latest trends and help them evolve their fashion style.

There are several place where I love to discover the new trends and find out what's hot and what's not. Without these, I'd look like an utter idiot with no fashion sense. These places guide me through the hottest trends of the season, what the high street has to offer and how to pull of the tricky trends. Here they are:

1) Company Magazine (I've recently subscribed to the mag for a year, so now I'm guaranteed not to put a fashion foot wrong! You can subscribe too for just £18 a month)
This magazine has recently become my fashion god-send. It's packed with fashion tips, tricks and must have trends. There is just the right ratio of articles and fashion pages, so for me, it's the best fash mag around. Not a bad word to say about it! Check out the online website too, for more fashion advice and recent articles!

2) Shops (Topshop, River Island, New Look, H&M, Primark, Republic, Next etc.)

You don't have to buy something every time you go shopping. #fact. It doesn't matter if you don't come back weighed down by shopping bags (I've recently learnt this myself). Shopping is about discovering what you like and don't like, so occasionally pop down into town on a Saturday morning on your own or with some friend to check out what the high street/designer street has to offer. This way, you can eye up items yo'd like to buy and go home and start saving (depending on the shop). This way, you don't splash all your cash on something you don't really like. Try it, sometime.

What is your fashpiration?

-Rachel Louise xoxo

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