Sunday, 3 March 2013

25 Facts About Me!

I promised I'd post, so here's a few little things about me....

1.I live in England
2.I am 14 years old
3. My birthday is 3rd May 1998
4.I have 1 brother who is 12 years old
5.I have known my best friend since we were 2
6. I have lived in 3 houses
7.I love love love to sleep
8.I am overly tidy
9. I hate mess
10. The clothes in my wardrobe HAVE to go in a specific order
11.I write lists for absolutely everything
12. I keep tags from my favorite shops (hollister, RI, republic)
13. I'm super protective over my friends/family
14. I'm very sarcastic
15. Barry M is my favorite brand of nail polish
16.I have a slight obsession with Soap and Glory
17. I was a vegetarian for 1 week then decided I loved meat too much
18. I'm a sucker for cute things
19. I've never had a proper boyfriend :( :(
20. I'm really really organised you can't even imagine (ask my friends!)
21. I get paranoid about greasy hair
22. I love period dramas
23. I hate soaps, yuck (tv shows I mean!)
24. Aussie is the best brand of shampoo I have ever owned
25. I'm a lover for bargains

Rachel xo

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