Friday, 25 January 2013

January Favorites

*I really think I should make Monthly favorites well, monthly- yet I just always seem forget which is incredibly annoying!

January is like the 'Monday' out of all of the months; dull, boring and totally useless. Now that the snow is finally turning into the death-trap that is ice, I need to find little pick-me-ups to get me through the month. Introducing my January favorites list- little things that are pulling me through this dull month! Only 6 days left yaaay!

1. Waterloo Road- Waterlo Road started its latest series at the beginning of January and since then my Thursday evenings at 8pm have been spent in front of the tv with a mug of tea oogling over Conor. I'm sorry but if you don't find him the slightest bit attractive then I think you need to get out more! I have to admit this is my guilty pleasure as I'm not really a big soap fan- yet I find myself being sucked into all the dramas that happen to this motley crew in Scotland
                 (Picture Credit:

2. Onesies- I'm sorry but how can you not love wearing onesies? They are just so so so comfy and perfect for lazy days. I love slipping my own first thing in the morning or after I've come out of the bath/shower. They keep you super warm and Primark do some great ones for a tenner! 
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                                                               Grey (Grey) Grey Neon Heart Print Onesie | 266167904 | New Look
3. Shower Jellies from Lush- On a recent shopping trip to Manchester with one of my closest friends, I purchase a shower jelly before. I love Lush a massive amount but had previously never ventured into the world of shower jellies. My friend recommenced that I tried the Sweetie Pie jelly at £3.10 for 100ml.  It's safe to say I'm not disappointed- these jellies are top quality and are perfect in the shower!          
                                                   (Picture Credit:                                                                           

So there we go, the things that are getting me through this drab, drab month. Stay tuned this evening for a post from Georgie and Iridescent Adolescent!

Rachel xo

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