Monday, 12 March 2012

Magazines Are My Life

If anybody is ever looking for me, it is almost guaranteed that I'll be snuggled up somewhere flicking through my treasure Company magazine. I just can't help myself. For me, a life without magazines is like a house with windows, a swimming pool without water or a shop without clothes. You guessed it, magazines are my life. Don't think I'm sad or anything but I prefer than to the TV any day.

The thing that I love about magazines is that there is just such a wide range of topics. Whether it's a real life story about depression or a 10 page spread on the latest trend- I read the whole damn thing from cover to cover. My favorite part of the magazine is undeniably the Fashion and Beauty sections, closely followed by the celebrity cover star interview. Nothing make me feel better than checking out all the latest trends.

I've only just discovered Company magazine- I bought my first ever issue 2 months ago. A former more! magazine reader, it was a large step up. All that rubbish stuff about love and sex just wasn't for me. I'm happy that in Company there is much less of it. A fashion-focused magazine is just my type. The fact that my first Company issue was the release of their 'new-look' mag made me especially excited. The feel of the recycled paper was so nice (Sorry for that weird detail!) Overall the point I want to stress is that you shouldn't be afraid to upgrade of down-grade the type of magazine you read. Be experimental and take a risk when you're stood in the Co-Op in your Lipsy tracksuit and messy hair- it could turn out positively!

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-Rachel Louise xoxo

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