Sunday, 4 March 2012

Favorite Songs


This isn't a fashion related post- but hopefully I'll be doing another s/s '12 post sometime soon! ( I need more time at the moment- I've got waaay too much to do!)

I'm an avid music fan- with my favorite genre indefinably being pop. However, over recent months I have expanded my musical horizon and now love slightly rocky singers. I also love r'n'b and have a weird love for classical music (possibly because I play many classic pieces for my flute exams). So, here are my favorite songs:

Domino- Jessie J
Jessie J has to be one of my favorite British artists. Her unique style, incredibly shiny shiny hair and extraordinary vocal range is irresistible. Her latest song, Domino is a bigger grower. Set to be BIG!

Paradise- Coldplay
My love for Coldplay has recently been re-born when they released their latest album, Mylo Xylto. Their new, upbeat style of music has drawn me in. Can't wait for the next single!

If You Wanna- The Vaccines
One of my good friends recommenced this Vaccine song to me and I'm already in love. Okay, so I only like this one song, but that's okay isn't it?! My taste in music is starting to expand...yay!

What are your best songs of the moment?

-Rachel xoxo 

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