Friday, 8 February 2013

germany 2013

ohmygoodness! I'm so excited! A week today, I will be sat in Manchester Airport munching on a packet of crisps waiting to be called for my flight to Munich in Germany!

Next Friday, I am going on a school trip to Germany with some of my closest friends and its guaranteed to be a wonderful experience; the history based trip will take us from Munich to Nuremberg and finally to Berlin over 5 action-packed days. I'm unbelievably excited and can't wait to jump on the plane and go on a much deserved break!

I will return to dreary England next Wednesday and will follow with snaps from my trip abroad! Have a lovely week and I will try and squeeze a post in this weekend inbetween packing...but no promises!

Rachel xo


Loretta said...

have fun! x


Rachel said...

@Loretta thanks darling! xo

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

have fun! xx